Wellsite Geochemistry

Columbine Logging Inc. provides wellsite geochemistry services to our clients utilizing FIT’s DQ1000TM Mass Spectrometer. This is a portable quadrupole mass analyzer which is used on location and is monitored by our trained and degreed geologists 24 hours a day. Coupled with our premiere wellsite and geosteering services, this is the most comprehensive real-time formation evaluation services portfolio offered in the industry.


We can customize the deliverables to analyze C1-C10 petroleum species, inorganic compounds such as; CO2, He, N2, O2, and sulfur bearing volatiles. The DQ1000TM will also distinguish among paraffins, naphthenes and aromatics (BTEX compounds) and contributions from the drilling fluid. Combining lithology, drilling parameters, and these geochemical indicators allow real-time evaluation of pay, wetness ratios, petroleum type and quality, reservoir compartmentalization, fluid contacts, and seals.

Analytical results may be viewed on-screen locally or remotely and are always available for immediate LAS import into commercially available graphics packages.


  • Pay delineation; fluid contacts
  • Petroleum type and quality
  • Porosity, permeability
  • BTEX halos (proximity to pay) and Sw
  • Compartmentalization
  • Seals, fractures and faults
  • Sweet spots in unconventional play.
  • Practical data to improve well completions


  • 90 second cycle time
  • Baseline sensitivity of 10ppb
  • Compact size for wellsite use
  • Operates with water and oil based mud systems
  • LAN satellite and internet enabled
  • Interface for Isotech’s isotube autoloader
  • Dual or single port gas stream


PPM reading

Chart display of an individual data point (C1-C10, with H2, N2, and Ar)

Software screen

FIT Gas Analyzer Screenshot