Infrared Gas Detection & Chromatography System:

Gas breakdown chart Bloodhound unit


Columbine Logging uses the Enhanced Bloodhound Infrared Hydrocarbon Analyzer System provided by iBall Instruments.

System Features:

  • Total Gas & Chromatograph C1-iC5 & nC5
  • DSP Accuracy to 10,000 gas units
  • Electrochemical O2 sensor
  • Infrared CO2 sensor
  • 0-500 ppm H2S detection
  • Electrically isolated inputs
  • 10,000 hour medical grade brushless pumps


  • No filament, flame, or pellistor to fail
  • No saturation
  • No in field calibration (set and stable for 18 months)
  • No drift from filament degradation
  • No drift from carbonization
  • Failure rate less than 1% per year
  • Water/condensate/contaminate immunity
  • Liquid detection sensors prevent damage to pumps
  • 2 hour gel battery backup
  • Internal case temperature sensor and alarm


  • Triple redundant data records
  • Real time (6 second new data capture cycle)
  • Data viewing at rigsite or anywhere worldwide via the iBall Instruments Remote Monitoring¬†website
  • WITS compatible with all EDR systems such as: Pason, M/D Totco, Epoch, and Auto-Drill
  • Internal brain board-custom designed and manufactured to the standards of NEBS (Network Equipment Building Systems) and NEMA (National Electronics Manufacturing Association)

Communication & Monitoring:

  • Hardwire and wireless communication capabilities
  • 2G/3G/4G cellular connectivity
  • Embedded 802.11 wireless hub
  • Remote diagnostics on sample flow, sample line vacuum pressure, total hydrocarbons, and other functions.
  • Multiple function automatic alarms based on custom high/low parameters.
  • Automatic alarm notification via cell text message
  • 24/7 remote¬†manned alarm monitoring service packages