Remote Geosteering

Our advanced remote geosteering center offers all of the reliability & trustworthiness to give operations geologist peace of mind so they can devote more of their time on future play prospects, well planning and time with their families. Columbine RGS has the same expertise as our onsite geosteering but with the ability to steer more wells from our centrally located command center in Denver, CO.
Columbine uses only thoroughly trained degreed geologists to remotely steer wells. Our geosteering analysts go through a rigorous process of training, starting out as well-site geologist performing on-site geosteering before moving into the RGS Center.


Remote Geosteering Services:

  • SES or WellDirect Software
  • 24/7/365 Geosteering with timely communication
  • Detailed daily reporting
  • Customized reporting designed for individual client needs
  • In-Zone metrics for team performance assessment
  • Post-Drill audits

Columbine’s competitive advantages:

  • RGS Staff with familiarity of numerous basins
  • Degreed geologists with well-site & geosteering experience
  • Team involvement on complex interpretations
  • Assign dedicated remote geosteering teams ot rigs
  • Low subscription rate, to maintain quality by limiting each 2-person remote geosteering team to an average of 4 rigs
  • Centrally located Denver command center
SES Cross Section

SES Cross Section

WellDirect Cross Section

WellDirect Cross Section