Columbine Logging, Inc. is a highly respected nationwide geological services company that provides the finest mudlogging available.  Drawing on over 30 years of experience, we have the requisite expertise and skilled personnel to operate the best equipment and technology available to deliver on the most demanding drilling projects.

Our mudlogging services are designed to aid your geologists and engineers in the field to make timely and informed decisions regarding drilling operations.  Our field geologists construct and maintain highly detailed mudlogs throughout the project with customizable data traces tailored to your unique specifications.  We utilize a host of data monitoring and interpretation services for exploratory and drilling data, including Gas & Chromatography, Gamma, ROP, in addition to several other critical drilling parameters. Columbine Logging, Inc. offers live logging which enables real-time access to the working mudlog from anywhere in the world, allowing clients to monitor and track projects.

Columbine Logging, Inc. is equipped with the Bloodhound® gas detection and logging system.  The Bloodhound® system touts an incredibly accurate and robust design with next generation infrared sensors providing precision chromatography.  Bloodhound’s associated gas charting software also allows for real time data viewing from remote locations.