What Sets Columbine Logging apart from other companies? We believe it to be our culture. Columbine Logging is a fluid and growing organization, where we make a difference and improve the lives around us, all while expanding the company to the next level. It’s our dedication to our People, our pride in our company, our commitment to our customers that makes our culture unmatched in the industry. Our culture is reflected in our core values, and our mission and vision statements.

Our Core Values

Humility – Service – Respect – Profit with a Purpose

Humility –  We are a company that aspires to approach our professional relationships with humility that represents who we are at home and at work.

Service –  We define our value proposition to our customers, to be that of having a service oriented heart towards out work.

Respect –  We expect all of our People to respect each other and in a team oriented environment, respect our customers, our vendors, our communities and all authorities in their work environment.

Profit with a Purpose –  We have a charitable giving program that is rare to find in the industry. Our charitable giving program has two components. The first is corporate donation funds, in which Columbine funds 100% and our People determine which charities receive these funds. The second is a matching program, where Columbine Logging matches our People’s donations to qualified nonprofits. The matching percent is determined by the performance of the company.

Our Mission

To be a company that delivers high quality as a result of its People.

Our Vision

Our company is a place where people want to work, because they are taken care of, respected for their work, and are given the tools and training needed to personally succeed and are committed to enabling our customer’s success.